Woman finds her husband cheating on her with her identical twin following a huge online win!

Lauren Tamaye, a resident of Perth, Australia caught her husband cheating on her with her identical twin via cryptic text messages back in March of 2014. Two weeks prior, she had just won an unprecedented online jackpot win from online casino Bingo Cabin. She was waiting to tell her husband Roger, 30, about the $628,728 that had been accredited into her Bingo Cabin account over a holiday they had planned to Vancouver that weekend. As soon as these messages were revealed, her plans drastically changed.

Infuriated with feelings of betrayal from both family members she knew she needed a plan. After meeting with her divorce attorney, she was informed that she could shield her massive Bingo Cabin win by creating a company which was not affiliated to her husband.

As soon as this company was created, she could then cash out her Bingo Cabin win and accept the funds using this new company’s bank account. The entire process was said to take approximately 6 months. Lauren Tamaye diligently set up all of the documents while living with Roger as if nothing had happened. She finally cashed out from Bingo Cabin in November of 2014 and was now ready to file for divorce.

Chinese man Roger caught by wife with twin siste.  Photo: Europics
She caught her husband cheating on her with her twin (Picture: Europics)

Though she was now financially secured , she was still yearning for a sense of revenge. She followed them to a shopping Center using a mobile tracker where she knew husband Roger was with her sister. As soon as she arrived she found them completely naked and knew this was her chance to utterly humiliate the both of them. They both jumped out with not a thread of clothing.

But Ting saw her opportunity, jumped into the car and drove off, leaving the embarrassed pair where they stood.

Witness You Meng, 33, said: ‘It was so funny. Loads of people were grabbing their phones and I did as well. He was banging his fist on the window and shouting at her, and she just wasn’t playing ball.’

Chinese man Roger caught by wife with twin siste.  Photo: Europics
The woman’s twin sister was left naked in a car park (Picture: Europics)

Sources say Lauren Tamaye is now living happily with her Bingo Cabin fortune and her son. She remains single.

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