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Woman Cleared After Being Accused Of Smuggling Terror Money In Her Underwear

Nawal Msaad is a 27 year old student who was unfortunately caught with more than $20,000 in her underwear in January when she attempted to get on her flight to Turkey from Heathrow.

Although she was accused of trying to smuggle the money to Syria to help fund terrorism, she has now officially been cleared at the Old Bailey.

Turns out, the friend she has had by her side for 14 years, was the one who was found guilty for arranging Msaad to carry the money.



Amal El-Wahabi, who is 27 years old as well, asked her dear “friend” to help smuggle the money so she could give it to Aine Davis, who was not just her husband, but a convicted drug dealer who has been believed to be apart of a jihadist terror group stationed in Syria.

The friends protested that the money that they were trying to bring with them, was supposed to help El-Wahabi and Davis buy a home in Turkey.

While the jury cleared Msaad of her charges, they collectively found that El-Wahabi was guilty after deliberation lasting up to 5 days.



El-Wahabi will be the first native of Great Britain to be convicted under the terror laws for funding the jihadi fighters.

After discovering she was guilty, both her and Msaad were led away crying uncontrollably. Jurors were of course informed beforehand that the women, who were both of Moroccan descent and were born in London, had been really close friends for years.


Msaad walking to her departure gate.

During her trial, Msaad said that she was escorted away from the departure gate and that her small trip to Istanbul was supposed to be a “short break” so she could¬†buy her mother some gold.

It was found that a condom hidden in her undergarments was concealing two 100, thirty-eight 500, and two 100 euro notes when she was searched after being taken into a private room.

Msaad has also said that during her trial, she had felt that her friend had intentionally set her up.

On September 12th, El-Wahabi will be sentenced. The judge has said that she should be kept in custody to make sure that she’s there to attend court that day.

The police that searched her home had found numerous Islamic extremist items belonging to her husband, Davis. Included were some lectures from the infamous al Qaeda preacher, Anwar al-Awlaki.


El-wahabi who was found guilty of helping fund terrorism.

When all was said and done, Msaad had made a public statement to the reporters, television crews, and crowd that were waiting outside.

She told them that the whole thing has left her “mentally weak” and “physically drained.” She also wanted to thank everyone, especially her family, for their support and the jury for not finding her guilty.


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