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Sales Assistant Uses Cashback Rebates Creatively – Ends Up On A Cayman Islands Helicopter Ride!


Judy Evans, a sales assistant from Cheshire, England has found a way to use up her build-up of cashback rebates – treating her family with helicopter rides and staying in luxury hotels! Using a cashback website to buy things she was already planning on buying, she has been saving up around £600 pounds every year till she reached almost £5,000.

For eight years of paying household bills and buying stuff like Christmas and birthday presents, the 54-year-old mother of two said she has saved up much without extra expenses on stuff she doesn’t need. Although her purchasing habits were influenced, she says she didn’t feel encouraged to necessarily spend more, just to find better deals.

Judy explains how she got to surprise her family: “I use the cashback site as a nice way to earn extra cash to put towards special experiences and holidays, but if something is cheaper on another site I would always buy it on there, as I always shop around to find the best deal. The money for me is guilt-free as it’s cash I’ve earned back on products I would have bought anyway, so it’s a nice treat to use the money towards enhancing our holidays”.


Judy and her husband Tom used cashback sites to purchase things they always dreamed of

There are certain rules she swears by and follows adamantly. For example: when getting a cashback rebate, she always withdraws the money immediately after hitting £20 on her account. This is just a safety measure in case the cashback company goes bust and takes all the account money down with it.

She points out that cashback does not always function well either. If you’re not getting paid when you expect to be, you should contact the cashback service. Link tracking problems do occur from time to time and it might happen that even the service itself doesn’t collect on their share of the cake. That’s why you should report problems as soon as they pop up.

Also finding good deals takes patience, which Judy certainly doesn’t lack. And it paid off for her even though she did have to wait 8 years. Earlier this year Judy flew to Tobago and instead of flying economy she used her cashback savings to upgrade her family’s’ seats to premium, and she has also been able to upgrade car hires. And it cost her nothing.

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