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Mysterious note found in Stephen Paddock’s suite could reveal his motives for going on a rampage


Sources from Las Vegas Police Department revealed investigators have found a mysterious note inside the room where Stephen Paddock resided which could indicate his possible motives for going on a killing spree.

Still, there has been much speculation about what may have been on that paper. Police so far have not commented on that detail.

Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said during a news conference on Wednesday night that there was evidence to suggest Paddock had planned to get out of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino alive, but Lombardo refused to elaborate further on that point.

Lombardo, however, did reference Paddock’s extensive planning — which included keeping a vehicle at the hotel, filled with explosive material and 1,600 rounds of ammunition. He also suggested the cameras Paddock set up inside and outside his hotel room were a proof that he wanted to keep eyes on the hallway, perhaps to fend off approaching officers.


A mysterious note found on the table just next to Paddock’s body

Paddock fired multiple rounds through his room door and into the hallway when security guard Jesus Campos approached, wounding Campos in the leg. The gunman is believed to have killed himself as more police descended on his room.

Investigators have not publicly shared what motivated Paddock to carry out the rampage, now considered to be the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history. Fifty-eight people died, and hundreds more were injured.

In the days since the massacre, some news outlets have cited sources who said Paddock was taking anti-anxiety medication in the months before the massacre, but it was not clear whether that played a role in his actions related to the attack.

Investigators did, however, confirms that during his angry rampage, Paddock managed to hit a fuel tank of an airplane landing on Las Vegas airport.

In what could have been errant fire from Paddock, a fuel tank at the airport’s storage area was hit twice with “one penetrating the outer shell.” However, according to airport officials, there was no danger of an explosion occurring in an area just beyond the festival while Paddock focused on his attack.

An unnamed source from LVPD explains: “Jet fuel is treated kerosene and is not classified as a flammable liquid, but as a combustible liquid. Contrary to speculation, there is almost zero likelihood gunfire damage could trigger a fire or explosion at a commercial fuel storage facility. Likewise, in the event of an actual, uncontained tank fire, these systems are engineered to vent flames upward into the air rather than explode.”

He added that the single 43,000 gallon barrel was half-full at the time it was hit and that investigators plan to empty the tank in order to inspect it further.

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