KFC Cook Tragically Loses Girlfriend Only To Experience This

Provo, Utah, Michael Stevens is a 26 year old cook for the southern food chain, Kentucky Fried Chicken.

At 10 years old, he had lost both his parents in a car accident and just 4 months ago, he had unfortunately lost his girlfriend to a hit-and-run. His only dream was to go to college to make his loved ones proud, but could not afford it due to money issues.

His full-time job at KFC was barely enough to help him pay for his bills.

A couple weeks ago, Michael was given the responsibility to train a new employee by the name of Nick Williams. He was also told that he would be filmed for the entire week of training for “training purposes”.

As Michael trained Nick, he gradually opened up about his tough upbringing and how he desires to go to college and get his degree. The more they worked together the closer they got.


Michael was unaware that this was actually no normal training. That the new employee, Nick, was really the CEO of KFC and this was all being recorded for the hit television show, Undercover Boss.

On the final day of training, Nick had finally revealed himself to Mr. Stevens and had given him the biggest surprise of his life.

Michael received a scholarship for the school of his choice and had also received a raise so he could be able to cover his everyday expenses easily.

The CEO stated: “He’s a smart kid. He does what he’s told and his performance has always been exceptional. I’m very pleased that there was something I could do for him after everything he’s been through.”

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