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If Your Dog Could Text You, This Is What Their Texts Would Look Like. LOL!

Every time we leave home to go to work, or even to a short trip like the grocery store, our four-legged friends miss us and get really anxious. When we arrive, they jump as if they haven’t seen us for months. Imagine your dog could text, and check what those texts would be like.

The anxious dog

1.) Separation Anxiety


The territorial moment

2.) Re-decorating


Depressive pet

3.) Depression



4.) Love Life


The pig

5.) Weight Management


He loves food so much

6.) Secrets


Recognizing enemies

7.) Socialization


A pet with pets

8.) Hygiene


The smart ass

9.) Humor



10.) Practical Jokes


The annoying dog

11.) Life Lessons


The postman hater

13.) Film Appreciation


They love attacking Christmas trees!

14.) Competition


He knows every trick


15.) New Tricks


This one talks to his own vet

16.) Doctor/Patient Relations


The biter

17.) Exercise


What do you think your dog would text you if he could?


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