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Groom’s Epic Beyonce and Backstreet Boys Medley Dance Routine Surprises The Bride

Newlywed Sean Rajaee’s made sure his bride remembers him for the rest of her life – and half a million people online

In addition to having a blast with family and friends surrounding the bride and the groom at one place, weddings around the world are mostly about dancing, good music, eating and drinking. However, each couple is trying to make their special day memorable and distinctive when compared to other ceremonies.

Sean Rajaee, the groom, organized his groomsmen and got to the dancefloor, with carefully prepared, practiced and choreographed dance to some of the most popular pop acts in the 21st century. His dance routine took the internet by the storm with over 500 thousand views in the first 24 hours, dancing to Beyonce, Backstreet Boys, Destiny’s Child and Bruno Mars.

The bride, Ariana, stood shocked, just like the other guests. According to her, Sean “never seemed too interested in dancing”. Crazy in Love, Bootylicious, I Want It That Way and a classic Marry You proved motivating enough to prepare something like this.

LA definitely took the cake with the most interesting video this weekend. This must have taken quite a long time to learn, but the hard work paid off. Kudos for the groom!

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