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Google unveils its new futuristic headquarters


The City of Mountain View, California published a series of images and visuals depicting Google’s Charleston East campus, which will become its new headquarters. This will be Google’s biggest and first custom built structure.

The two-story building, designed by Bjarke Ingels Group and Heatherwick Studio, will have 600.000 feet square of office space. Instead of conventional roof, it will have special canopy which will help regulate ventilation, humidity and air pressure. It will also be covered in solar panels in order to provide more power and reduce running costs.

The complex will have several indoor and outdoor recreational areas, giving its employees an opportunity to rest and relax. The indoors will be equipped with “flexible building components” which can be easily adjusted and rearranged.


The building’s interior will be built in such a way to allow quick and easy modifications

Besides from taking care of its employees, Google also intends to make the complex as eco-friendly as possible. Therefore, every free and unused surface will be covered in grass and plants. In the gardens, owls habitats will be built. Google intends to help the city maintain its biodiversity by providing a clean and healthy environment for both humans and animals. The company even hired several biologists and ecologists to make sure that everything meets the standards.


The complex will be both eco-friendly and energy efficient by utilizing several new technologies

Google also plans to build a “landscape narrative” with “linearly connected canvas of trees” lining along the Charleston Basin. Google’s aim is to make the building blend in with its surroundings as much as possible, making it a pleasant place not only for its employees but also for other residents of the town, including animals.


Google wants to make the entire complex as eco-friendly as possible

A network of walkways and bike paths, called “the green loop” will be placed throughout the complex, to accommodate workers and commuters. It will feature food trucks, sculptures, gazebos and fountains. There will also be a couple of green oasis for private and more intimate conversations and meetings.


Employees will have the chance to work, eat, relax and even exercise without leaving the complex

Google hopes to get the place up and running three to four years after the City hall grants all of the necessary permits. The estimated cost of the project is unknown at the moment. But given the fact that Apple’s Spaceship, a similar project done by Apple, cost around $5 billion, it is probable that Google’s Charleston Basin East price tag won’t be under one billion dollars.


If built, the Charleston Basin East will be one of California’s greatest engineering projects

At the moment, the project is entering its final phase and Google is finishing the necessary paperwork. So from now on, it’s up to the City of Mountain View to decide whether or not to allow its construction. If built, this building will be an engineering marvel, one of the most advanced and sophisticated construction projects in California’s history.

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