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Bird flu virus surfaces in Belgium, Zika haunts Angola

Bird flu virus surfaces in Belgium, Zika haunts Angola

The deadly bird flu virus has been located on a farm north of Brussels yesterday. Belgian authorities have set up a quarantine and are doing everything they can to stop the virus from spreading further.

Locals say that the virus was found on a site that bird enthusiasts frequently use, so it’s a great deal of luck that no humans got infected with it. Scientists and biologists are currently scouring the site, while the samples taken from the farm are being examined in the lab.

Bird flu has been causing a lot of trouble to European authorities in the past few years. And judging by recent reports, they can expect the same this year.

To make things worse, its african counterpart, the Zika virus, has reappeared in Angola, raising much concern just when the country thought they have evaded the threat. The outbreak couldn’t have come in a worse moment, since Angola has already been exhausted by the yellow fever epidemic that took place just three month ago and killed at least 400 people before it was contained. The Angolan government is having a hard time preventing new outbreaks given the fact that the disease is most commonly spread by mosquitoes and sexual contact. Also, Angola has vast rural areas plagued by poverty and bad healthcare, so by the time the news reach the capital, thousands of people could be infected.

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Zika virus and the yellow fever are most commonly spread by mosquitoes

Things aren’t looking good on the other side of the ocean, either. Brazil is currently on high alert after reports started emerging from all over the country, warning the government of waves of yellow fever virus getting closer and closer to big and densely populated urban areas.  Three people have died in Sao Paulo, and 40 of them in the state of Mina Gerais. Once again, mosquitoes have been described as the main culprit behind the spread.

As a precaution measure, the Brazilian Health Ministry has ordered new shipments of vaccines. But opinions are divided on whether to call people to go to clinics and get a shot. Doctors and researchers are urging the government to do it, while the Health Ministry states that it is still to early for such an action and that the outbreak will naturally settle down. Time will tell if they were right.


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