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Baby Elephant Survives Attack By 14 Lions. Amazing!

Young elephant Hercules had to fight for his life when he face an attack by 14 lionesses. The 14 fierce felines wouldn’t give up, but Hercules managed to defend himself. The animals cornered Hercules as he was walking along the beach at N0rman Carr Safari Camp in Zambia, Africa.


Visitors in the safari recorded the situation.

The video, recorded by guests visiting the camp, shows how overwhelming the situation could have been.


But the young elephant wouldn’t give up so easily.

But the young tusk never gives up, even with three of the lionesses clawing on his back at one point.


He found refuge in the water.

He finds safety in the water. Big cats aren't too fond of getting splashed, just like their domestic cousins.


And then made it clear he was the boss!

This brave kiddo makes sure they won't try messing with him again.


Here’s the original video:




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