A mother arrested for ‘chaining up son before going to work every day’

A mother is arrested for reportedly chaining up her 7 year old son just before going to work every day.

In Huelva, Spain, local police have charged the woman with both neglect and child abuse after her neighbors had called them to say that a child was on a balcony ‘crying inconsolably and shouting for help’.

The Officers told Europa Press that they had found the child ‘locked with chains and padlocks’ thursday evening.

Source: Pixabay

Apparently, sources from the fire brigade added that the 7 year old was hungry and dirty and that the room they had found him in was in an even more dreadful shape.

It was later revealed by police that the youngster was usually left all alone by his mother from the times of 6:30am until 4:30pm when she left and finally came home from work.

While his mother is expected in court soon, social services are now taking custody of the boy in the meantime.


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