9 Creative Ways To Give Tips

Some people love to give tips and some others just hate it, but the thing is that there are awesome ways to do it. Take a look at these 9 creative ways.

1- A drawing offering the tip

1. Make a themed drawing to present your tip.


2- If you’re the one who receive tips, use a popular debate

2. Use a popular debate to draw in tips if you're on the other side :)


3- Leave a sweet note along with your tip

3. Leave a cute note with the tip.


4- Make some art

4. Make art out of the tip itself.


5- Make someone’s day by being too generous

5. Make someone's day. This one, unbeknownst to the customer, ensured the server would have a Christmas dinner they wouldn't have otherwise had.


6- Make a heart

6. Hearts always work. <3


7- Decor the tip

7. "Re-imagine" the tip.


8- Be a nerd with your tip

8. Be a nerd with your tip. Hopefully he was buying pie...


9- Be thankful

9. Let the server know how you feel with the tip.


Which one have you chosen for your next tip?



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