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23 Amazing Food Hacks That Will Make Your Cooking Easier!

If you often have a hard time at the kitchen, this 24 food hacks will change everything. You will save money, time, and effort. Enjoy!

1- Use greens to hold your tacos


2- Skin a mango like a pro


3- Heat up your pizza in a waffle iron


4- And your hash browns


5- Make a french toast with cereal crumbs


6- Replace eggs easily!


7- Cut it using a warm knife


8- Cut soft food easily


9- Learn the perfect timing for teas


10- Put your salad in a jar


11- Make holiday pancakes using cookie cutters


12- Make these delicious spaghetti


13- The perfect way to eat a cupcake


14- Nutella pastries

15- Make the perfect taco

16- Cheese bread bites

17- Use your chinese food box as a plate

18- Tasty mashed potatoes

19- Pastries hack

20- Prepare the best iced coffee freezing milk and cookies

21- Make this perfect eggs for breakfast


22- Best baked potato ever


23- Remove the stem in strawberries with a straw







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